Follow-up consultation with your doctor is required to obtain and discuss results or correspondence.

Please note: Our receptionists are not medically qualified to provide any information other than what has been instructed by your doctor


Referrals cannot be organised over the phone. All referrals must be obtained by visiting your doctor prior to seeing the specialist. Referrals cannot be back dated.

Repeat Prescriptions:

Prescriptions can only be supplied at time of consultations. We cannot supply these by telephone request. A consultation is required for  repeat prescription in order to monitor the medication you are taking.

Medical Certificates:

Sick certificates or other medical certificates cannot be issued without proper medical assessment. Please note medical certificates cannot be back dated.

Telephone Calls:

Doctors at this practice may be contacted by telephone during surgery hours regarding urgent health matters. However, when doctors are attending to a patient, during your call, they may not be able to speak to you. You may leave a message and the doctors will try to get back to you when possible. We advise that for all non-urgent matters, (eg, health enquiries, pathology and radiology results, referrals and health insurance forms, etc) it is essential to make an appointment to see the doctor concerned.


We have a recall system in place which is used for health reviews, pap smears, annual health assessments, immunisations, results etc. If you do not wish to be on our recall system, please notify the practice staff.